A Message From Our Minister

  • 9 June 2024
  • lorna.graham

Dear Friends

Summer is here! One of the many things I love about Scotland, is that the seasons are all so different. The lush green colour all around us announces loud and clear that it’s summertime! (And sometimes we need the greenery to remind us, because the temperature doesn’t always seem to know that it’s supposed to be warm now!)

No matter what the season though – God is always in control. In Psalm 76 we read: God is my King from long ago; he brings salvation on the earth. The day is his, and his also the night; he established the sun and moon. It was him who set all the boundaries of the earth; he made both summer and winter.

It's my prayer that this summer you will all find some time to rest and recuperate, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy the sunshine.

At our churches, the summer services will be as follows: During the month of July, we will have united worship at the West Kirk of Calder, with services starting at 9:45am; and during August, we will have united worship at Polbeth Harwood Church, with services starting at 11:15am. A warm welcome awaits every Sunday, and although it’s school holidays, there will always be something fun for the kids to do.

May God bless you all this summer, and always.