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Early Easter Morning Service

  • 4 April 2010
  • church_admin

Early on Easter Sunday morning (7 am) around 50 people gathered at the 'Auld Kirk' to celebrate Easter Day. 

Worship was led by Rev David Albon, Father Chris Heenan, Rev Colin McAuley and Diane Stirling.

After sharing in the Peace of the Risen Christ, we sang "Alleluia, alleluia, Give thanks to the Risen Lord...".  A prayer followed, before a scripture reading from Romans 6:3-11.  Father Heenan then led us in the Renewal of Baptismal Promises.

Before the reflection, delivered by Rev McAuley we sang "Spirit of God", again accompanied by Rev Albon on his guitar.

The reflection gave consideration to the new life created with the symbol of a daffodil, (not yet out in flower).  Rev McAuley planted this blub in the ground and asked those who will pass by the 'Auld Kirk' in the coming days to take a moment to pause in reflection and to watch the daffodil as it comes to full bloom.

Thereafter those attending the service made their way to Limefield Church Hall where an Easter Breakfast was waiting for all to enjoy.