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New Year

  • 10 January 2021
  • lorna.graham

Dear Congregation Member,
As we reflect about the New Year, this week’s worship service is about our journey through life. And that made me think back over 2020. What a journey it’s been!
But we’ve also had some actual journeys during lockdown! 
To stay fit and make the most of a strange year, we had 2 challenges:

•    The July Challenge – we challenged people to count their steps throughout July, 
so we could see how many people could virtually walk/run/cycle to Aberdour Beach and back (where we usually have our annual picnic).

Here is a summary of our achievement:

WK-PH July Challenge    
Number of Participants   - 52
Total Steps Counted       -  4,383,855
Average Steps (each - not everyone recorded steps)   -  84,304,90
Total Miles Recorded      - 5,525
Average Miles (each)     - 106.25
PH to Aberdour (rtn) - miles   - 52
Total Round Trips – PH – Aberdour - PH   - 106
That’s 106 people we were able to get to and from Aberdour through our collective walking / cycling / running -  just fantastic!!

Then people were invited to guess how many round tips were made, 
and Nicola Young was closest with her guess of 90.
•    Fit for faith – in October Henro challenged me to walk with him for at least 3 miles every single day, 
and he asked people to sponsor our walks. 
We managed walking quite a bit more than that, and in the end raised £1005.22 for West Kirk & Polbeth Harwood.

Thanks so much for all your support!
We don’t know where 2021 will take us, but let’s make sure that we never let go of God’s hand. 
May God bless you all,