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November 2018

December 2018 Letter

  • 30 November 2018
  • nanda.groenewald

Dear Congregations


Special occasions…

I don’t know what your family is like, but for my family it’s really important to always take a photo of a special occasion. But dearie me – to get everybody in, looking at the camera and smiling at the same time is almost as difficult as climbing Mount Everest! But it’s definitely worth it – because every time we look back at the photo’s it brings back special memories.

Two such special occasions are just around the corner now – Christmas and New Year. And everywhere I look I see pictures of “perfect” families – standing in front of the fire place, all wearing their Christmas jumpers or Santa hats, beaming from ear to ear – although I know from personal experience that that photo posted on Facebook is probably the 10th photo they had to take! Because real life is never as perfect as you would like others to believe.

They didn’t have cameras way back when Jesus was born – but can you imagine what it would be like if they had? Our theme this Christmas at our churches is “Picture Perfect”. Please come along and celebrate this most special occasion with me at all the different services and events on our calendar for December.

We might not be perfect – but let’s give the world a picture of how Christmas should be celebrated this year.

May you all have a blessed Christmas and a very special 2019!




African Children's Choir Concert

  • 22 November 2018
  • liz.dyer

African Children's Choir

at West Kirk of Calder

on Thursday 20th December at 7pm

- only one of 5 venues in Scotland this tour!

Arrangements are falling into place for the visit to West Calder of this inspiring young choir made up of 8 boys  and 9 girls from Uganda who are touring the UK with their amazing 80 minute programme of African dance, drumming, traditional instruments and worship songs.

Tickets  - £7 for Adults; £4 for Children; £20 for Families - are now available from

Stewart MacRae 01506 872486

Marian Kinsman 07973 305211 

The choir scheme, which has been going for 30 years now, is made up of children from Uganda, who, without the Choir, would not have access to good education, food, clothing and discipleship. These talented children are full of joy despite their difficult circumstances, and will capture the hearts of all who see them.

The children will arrive with their own bus in the village around 2pm and initially be accommodated in the church hall and given a hot meal pre-concert.

After the concert they will be staying overnight with local families and before heading south of the border for their next venue, they will sing a song at Parkhead Primary School Christmas service held in West Kirk.

For a flavour of the talent of these children watch the video link


Looking forward to seeing you on the night!