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March 2023

Our 2023 Holiday Club - Theme Revealed!

  • 31 March 2023
  • lorna.graham

The Great Glen Green Welly Garden Show

OUR AIM: understanding God’s big plan for his beautiful world… including you!

At our holiday club, we discover the perfect world God created and how our relationship with him and the world became irreversibly damaged. Despite attempts to rectify this, we discover that Jesus is the only One who brings hope and can restore it. We conclude by celebrating the future hope he offers.

The Great Glen Green Welly Garden Show is written as an environmentally clean holiday club. We are called to be good stewards of God’s creation, caring for our environment which has been beautifully created, not only for people but for all other forms of life that inhabit our planet.

The intricacies of our environment’s biodiversity are well known, and we each have a role to ensure our lifestyles are as ecologically and environmentally friendly as possible.

Our daily programme will include and not be limited to: singing, arts and crafts with recycling in mind, fun daily allotment warm up, bible exploration, messy challenges, outdoor games, a light snack and refreshment drink, and working as a team

The club is open to children who are age to start primary school in August 2023, up to children who are age to go into 1st year at high school in August.

The club is free for all children so no one is excluded due to cost, and children must be dropped off and collected from the club by an adult.

All our leaders and adult helpers have taken part in Safeguarding training and disclosure check, ensuring we provide a safe church for all.

West Kirk Annual Stated Meeting 2023

  • 1 March 2023
  • liz.dyer

The Annual Stated meeting of West Kirk of Calder will take place following morning morning on Sunday 26th March 2023.

Important decisions for the future of the administrative structure of the congregation will be brought to this meeting.

See attached for the minutes of the 2022 ASM.

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