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The JAM Club

The Jam Club meet every Sunday morning at 11.15 when we join the church congregation for our children's talk.  Afterwards we meet in our very own room upstairs in the church where the children hear more bible stories and then have fun playing games or taking part in a wide range of crafts.

JAM Club News

Easter Drama 2010

This Easter the JAM Club performed a Drama in 4 Acts:

  • Act One: Guarding the Tomb
  • Act Two: Mary Magdalene
  • Act Three: Road to Emmaus
  • Act Four: Footprints

This was all set against a backdrop of a scene of the tomb, including a stone which was rolled away during the performance.  The creation of this set was all thanks to the imagination and dedication of John Stirling and many thanks go to him for his outstanding creative achievement once again.

Photographs of the Drama can be viewed below:


Christmas Drama 2009: Michael Mouse