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Midweek Message: 14 October 2020

  • 14 October 2020
  • lorna.graham

Midweek Message

We Invite You to join us in our "Big Bulb Plant Out"

So all you need do is: decide whether you want your display inside or outside
 For outside bulbs: Purchase the bulbs of your choice and get them into the ground any time now! (Autumn Planting) . It is as simple as that! 
For indoor bulbs: Hyacinths are a great indoor favourite. Take your pot and fill it to 1cm from the top with moist bulb fibre, then push the bulb in gently to half its depth with the pointed end facing upwards. If you have sensitive skin wear gloves as bulbs release tiny, needle-shaped crystals, which can irritate the skin.
*Put your plant pot in a cool, dark place, such as a garage or shed for about ten weeks to allow the roots to grow. Check your bulbs regularly and a little water as required to keep fibre moist. 
When shoots appear, and are about 5cm tall bring them inside and place in a light spot to flower. You can also grow Narcissus, in the same way, but bring them out of the dark and put on a sunny windowsill as soon as the buds appear or the stems will become long and lanky.
So whatever bulbs you choose 2021 will look so much brighter 
You could even plan some indoor bulbs to be ready for a special Birthday or gift
Please remember to share the fruits of your labour with Nanda in the New Year