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Oh Happy Day! 2019 United Nativity
Nativity Story told by our Carol Singers. 2019
A message from King Herod!
Sweet singing  Nativity 2019
Learning & Sharing Communion Dec 2019
Having a closer look!

Service: Sunday 24 May 2020

  • 24 May 2020
  • lorna.graham

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Hymns at Home

CH4 351, played by Catriona Lachlan
Jesus’ hands were kind hands, doing good to all,
Healing pain and sickness, blessing children small;
Washing tired feet, and saving those who fall;
Jesus’ hands were kind hands, doing good to all.
Take my hands, Lord Jesus, let them work for you,
Make them strong and gentle, kind in all I do;
Let me watch you, Jesus, till I’m gentle too,
Till my hands are kind hands, quick to work for you.

Kids Kirk