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Outing to Five Sisters Zoo

  • 9 April 2013
  • liz.dyer

The pastoral care group at West Kirk has organised a visit to the Five Sisters Zoo at Polbeth on wednesday 8th May. There will be plenty of time to see all the various animals as well as a well earned break for a seat and bite to eat in the cafe. All are welcome. Names can be given to the convener, Bill Russell (01506 8716963)  for transport atrrangements and further enquiries can be made to members of the group.

Nearly New Shop

  • 6 April 2013
  • sandra.dixon

Carol Chapman has very kindly organised our nearly new shop which is opening once a month on a Saturday morning.  This is normally held on the last Saturday of each month but will be advertised in advance each month so keep an eye out for this.

There have been three sales to date and this is proving to be very popular.  The shop is open from 10.30 - 12.30 and tea and coffee is served.

Effie's Concert

  • 6 April 2013
  • church_admin

The annual concert in memory of Mrs Effie Russell will be held in West Kirk at 7.30 pm on Saturday 27 April.

Entertainment will be provided by the Garrowhill Singers and Bill Russell's Scottish Dance Band plus featuring Bill solo on organ and piano.

Tickets costing £5 include refreshments and are on sale now from Bill.

Subscribe to the Website Calendar

  • 3 April 2013
  • church_admin

You can now subscribe to the West Kirk and Polbeth Harwood calendar's using your own calendar program (eg Apple's Calendar or Google Calendar) and have entries synced automatically.


Instructions to add to Google Calendar...

Subscribe to public calendars using the calendar address

To add a calendar using its address, follow these steps:

  1. Click the down-arrow next to Other calendars
  2. Select Add by URL from the menu
  3. Add in webcal:// (which will obviously change once the site moves down a level)
  4. Enter the address in the field provided
  5. Click the Add Calendar button. The calendar will appear in the Other Calendars section of the calendar list to the left.

17 March 2013

  • 17 March 2013
  • church_admin

Bar none, Easter is the single most important holy day of the Christian Church. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the central event in Christianity. To Christians, the resurrection backs up Jesus’ claim that he had the authority to die for the sins of the world and the power to come back to life again. It also gives hope to Christians that they too will experience a resurrected life in heaven.

The exact day of the year that Easter falls on is very confusing, and the logic seems pretty old-fashioned in this digital age; it’s based on the lunar calendar and tied to the start of the solar spring. But the Western Church (Catholic and Protestant) continues to observe it based on the rules of long ago — that it falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after March 21 (the vernal equinox). It can’t come before March 22 or after April 25.

In contrast, Orthodox Churches wanted to tie Easter to Jewish Passover, given the relationship between Passover and the day of Christ’s resurrection. Because the Jewish calendar determines the date that Jews celebrate Passover, Easter for Orthodox Churches can vary by as much as five weeks from the Western Church.

No one knows for certain where the term Easter came from, but one theory is that it’s derived from the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre, who was connected with fertility and spring. If so, Christians named their high holy day Easter aiming to replace the pagan celebration of spring with their own holiday — like they did with Christmas. Easter is also often known as Pasch, which comes from the Hebrew word Pesach, meaning “Passover.” Some Protestants prefer to call it simply Resurrection Day to remove the commercialized baggage that they see associated with Easter.

In addition, the Easter bunny has pagan origins and has no real connection with the Christian celebration, although some churches use eggs as a metaphor for the new life Christians receive because of the Resurrection.

Source: What and When Is Easter? By Richard Wagner, Christianity For Dummies

Vision of the Linked Charge

  • 11 March 2013
  • test
Linked Charge

Growing in faith and sharing our faith in God with the world around us to make way for Jesus in our community

Candy Bar: 2 March 2013

  • 28 February 2013
  • church_admin
West Kirk: Candy Bar 2 March 2013

Candy Bar run by the Sunday Club this Saturday 2 March 2013.

Tea and coffee are served from 10 am-11.30 am with lunch at noon.

Lots of lovely hand made gifts for Mother's Day, Raffle, Tombola, home baking etc.

Free entry to the Easter egg raffle for every child who visits on Saturday.

Why not pop in for a coffee.